Our Purpose

NEW HAVEN is full of individuals who yearn 
to significantly improve our community. However, creating change is a gradual process that requires deep commitment, dedication, and often asks one to confront difficult questions, such as:

  • Is there a way to lead more authentically . . . from my own values?
  • How can I carve out time and space to explore the potential for growth in myself and in those I lead?
  • Where can I talk about what really matters?

Since 2002, the Community Leadership Program
 has brought together a microcosm of New Haven
 to engage in courageous conversation around these specific questions. In essence, CLP acts as a learning lab, a space for experimentation and practice in leadership, where leaders can talk about what’s real for them and what’s burning in the moment.

Our Vision & Mission

Simply put, CLP is about increasing people’s capacity to build community. More formally, CLP envisions a community that works inclusively to imagine its future and acts effectively and compassionately to bring that vision into being.

CLP’s mission is to equip, support and inspire each other to practice values-based collaborative leadership. We seek to accomplish this mission by creating a place where leaders can talk candidly about what’s important to them and a space that is safe for them to explore and practice becoming the leader they wish to be.