Our Approach

Unlike many other leadership programs that use more cognitive and project-based models, CLP relies on the power and participation of each individual, their dreams for their community and what they can build together. There are no lectures or projects—the learning model is experiential, reflective and adaptive. The goal is to build individual and collective wisdom about leadership effectiveness and collaborative capacity.

Participants commit to attend all session. Between sessions, participants reflect on their experience of the last session, read brief pieces in preparation for the next session, and meet in small groups.

Prepare to ask yourself over the course of the year:

• What do I do? Why do I do it?

• What are the experiences that have shaped my leadership style and perspective?

• How are my values reflected in my work?

• Am I making the difference that I aspire to?

• How do I become the type of leader that I would want to encounter in my community?

• What type of impact do I want to create and be known for?