Program Structure and Themes

Participants help shape the content and style of the conversations that take place, and are held responsible for demonstrating their presence and communicating their desire 
for personal development within the group. While monthly meetings evolve to reflect the concerns of the group, the following themes remain consistent from year to year, and help serve as the foundation for the developmental arc of the program:

Fall Program Themes

  • Leadership and Purpose
  • Story and Connection
  • Values Underlying Leadership
  • Creating and Sustaining Our Leadership Visions

Spring Program Themes

  • Power and Privilege
  • Courageous Conversation
  • Reflecting on Our Leadership Practice
  • Recognizing Our Power

Although the arc of the program is similar from year to year, each cohort is unique. Particularly during the spring, participants discover assumptions that they hold or that hold them. Rather than defining the issues for the group to talk about, the leaders work with the group to support participants in building relations as they challenge assumptions.